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"The girls left the session with Meg more self-aware and more confident in who they are and how to be their best possible selves.  I can’t wait to have Meg back."

- Brian Tumpowsky
Program Director, PG Hoops AAU 

Whether virtual or in-person, these workshops help fill the gaps in your program and take your team to the next level.

Why My Workshops? For many years I was a teacher, and I know how to engage learners, meet them where they're at, and take them where they want to go.

Custom and multi-day workshops

also available.



The Fundamentals Workshop is our most popular and helps athletes gain tools to improve focus, personal control, and self-talk. An activities-based approach means nobody gets bored and everyone learns. 


The Cool Down Workshop is quickly becoming in-demand as more coaches and athletes realize the value of mindfulness practices. Participants learn easy-to-use tools to reinforce awareness and empower their intention to succeed.

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