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The girls left the session with Meg more self-aware and more confident in who they are and how to be their best possible selves. I can’t wait to have Meg back.


Our guys struggle, but they don't know how to ask for help. Meg gave them tools for assessing performance in healthy ways and reducing the negative self-talk that was weighing them down. Learning this as a group means there was more buy-in and ways to support each other moving forward.

Meg's presentation provided proven, easy-to-remember, and teachable mindset tools for the coaches. Everyone left there with at least a few ideas they could put into action today.

Whether virtual or in-person, my workshops and conference presentations are designed to provide actionable tools for the mental game of sports.

Why CHOOSE MEG? For many years I was a teacher, and I know how to engage groups with activities and stories. With individual reflection, small & whole group interaction, prizes and games, the experience is effective and fun. 


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