7 Session PLAN

The Jump Start Plan is a flexible 7 session package perfect for athletes ready to explore what mental skills training can do for them. It's also great for the athlete who has a specific event on the horizon and wants to sharpen their mental game. 

Package comes with a free 20-minute consult, practice tasks, and email and text contact.

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individual sessions

Individual sessions are for those needing short-term support, or who want to test the waters of what Mental Performance Coaching can do for them. They can also be put together in a prepaid package for reduced rates 

Secure your future:

navigate college recruiting

"Meg was extremely helpful to me during the recruiting process. She helped me decipher what aspects of a school were important as well as drawing attention to matters I wouldn't have thought of on my own." Athlete, Villanova recruiting class, 2021
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What's important to you? What questions do you ask to find out whether a college can meet your goals, wants, and needs--as all of you--not just an athlete?

Get on a coach's radar with great intro emails and interview presence. Win the process. Get started today.


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Fast and slow-paced learning comes together for a dynamic group experience. Fun games, combined with small-group sharing and reflection, make learning fun and memorable. All materials are provided for these customizable workshops at your location.

Participants will not only learn new skills, but have the opportunity to apply and try them to build a stronger team.


Is there a gap in your team development? Want to take your team to the next level? Use the convenience of a 50-minute live webinar. These customizable workshops are set up just like a class with downloadable documents, large and small group sharing, and individual reflection. 

Google hangouts provides an easy platform for us to connect in your classroom.


Which of these services are you interested in?