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Whether you're an elite or recreational athlete, you don't want to waste your time. You do want to improve, avoid injury, and enjoy yourself. I draw from years of experience as a runner into my 30s, as well as a massage therapist and fitness trainer, to deliver comprehensive guidance on getting the most out of you. I can help you navigate setbacks, prioritize recovery, overcome mental blocks, and manage social conflicts like those that arise with coaches and training partners. Even if it is time to say goodbye to your sport, I've got you, and I've been there. Clarity of the role of sport in your life, identifying intentions, and developing focus and mindfulness, are some of the benefits of this package.


• free 30 min. phone consult

• initial & ongoing research on the athlete

 • 1 full and 6 - 30 min video sessions (30 min sessions can also be grouped into full sessions)

• downloadable worksheets

• ongoing email/phone communication


• I have been an athlete all my life and didn’t think I had much to gain from mental training.  However, Meg not only helped me to understand how my thinking affects my performance, but gave me useful skills to change my self-talk patterns.  Anxiety around performance is going to be there, but with Meg’s coaching, I am better able to manage this emotion and use it as a strength and a motivator. - Triathlete

• I just want to send you a short note thanking you for how much you changed my game.  It is like old times, and I am playing SO much better and feel great when I get off the court!!!! - Pickle Ball Player

• I am a long-time psychotherapist, and Meg's guidance was more actionable and useful than any talk therapy. Her wise coaching allowed me to see that running was no longer good for my body, but that I had choices. She got me tapping into my creativity and love for community. I restored an old bike, which was fun, and have reconnected with an old friend for weekly walks. - Retired Runner

IMG_20230128_124149536_BURST000_COVER_COMP 2.jpg

Coach Meg helped me with different strategies to mentally prepare for not only practice and competition, but everyday life.

John Lewis, Clemson 800m record holder and USATF Nationals qualifier. 

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