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What is MENTAL skills training?

Mental skills training uses the research, tools, and practices of sport and sport psychology to fuel your mental advantage for peak performance.

Manage anxiety • Sharpen Focus  • learn mindfulness

college recruiting prep • mental prep for exams


"Meg gave me the tools to deeply experience my own courage on race day."
- Parker Stinson, 25K American Record Holder


Our face-to-face videochat sessions are personal and effective. You'll have answers to your questions about what's holding you back from peak performance. You'll learn new mental skills to improve self-talk and manage anxiety. You'll also have homework, develop your mental strength, and feel more in control.


Whether online or onsite, the goal of the workshop program is to use fun activities to train participants in mental skills that foster their full development as individuals and team members. Participants will have more clarity leading with personal strengths and building a better team.

"After Meg's workshop
I feel more emotionally strong for myself and my team."
- Wellesley College National Rowing Champ
"Meg's presentation was interactive and useful. What I brought home that day filled the gap in our team culture."


As a mental performance coach I've presented to camps, universities, and at conferences on topics such as mindfulness, anxiety, self-talk, and goal-setting. I also love sharing my story and philosophy if it can help people live better lives. 

about MEG

MS, Sport Psychology

Track and Field All-American

20+ Years Sport Coaching 

Mindfulness Training

Bilingual English-Spanish

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“After taking Meg's workshop I find myself getting less anxious, and I'm better able to focus.”

Wellesley College Crew Team Member


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