You Go Girls

Raising Radiant Runners

You Go Girls began in 2009 as an after school running club to support girls in the adolescent through early teen life cycle. The program runs once weekly for 1 1/2 hours over a period of approximately 10 weeks under the umbrella of a school's afterschool program. Partner coaches are trained and guided throughout a season and provided support materials.


Adolescence is an important bridge in a young person’s life. She is developing an awareness of herself, her body, and what she is capable of as an individual and within community. This is also the time where many girls begin to develop a psychological perspective toward physical activity and her body. In light of an increasing trend to start children early in competitive sports, You Go Girls provides a haven for the cultivation of exercise enjoyment and self-worth in a non-win/lose environment.


The key focus of the program:

  • Provide an opportunity for each girl to develop socially and emotionally within a developmentally focused running club.
  • Challenge by choice opportunities for running are integrated with life skills activities for positive self-talk, goal-setting, body acceptance, and mindfulness.
  • Yoga and playful team-building round out the You Go Girls program for a fun and vital experience.

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