"Since our last workshop I've been able to more effectively refocus myself during stressful times in order to stay calm and focused."

"Before my 2k test I repeated to myself, 'nervous energy is still energy,' and I PR'd."

Members, National Champ Wellesley College Crew Team

"Meg always seems to ask the questions that best prod me to effectively reflect on my own mental barriers to performance, which is the best place to start real progress."                

 H.L., Division 1 All-American and Elite Post-Collegiate Runner

"The best thing I got out of working with Meg is that she gave me the opportunity to build my confidence up to a point where I felt like I could get through any challenge. She allowed me to see that no matter what, I'm in control of my performance in a race as long as I stay within myself." 

W.B., NJ*NY Track Club

β€œIt was the night before a big race, and I was stressing out. Within just a few minutes, Meg gave me a task to do around cue words and visualization. I did the work and was able to re-focus. The next day I had one of the best races of my career. Now I have a new tactic moving forward that gives me the edge I needed.”

A. D., Olympic Trials Qualifier and National Champion

"At Meg's presentation for coaches, she actually had us meditate. The experience was powerful, and I immediately started having my girls learn these centering skills. We used them all season--in the middle of practice to break things up, before a challenging workout to sharpen their focus, and before meets to help with nerves. By the end of that season, the girls were literally asking for more."

Craig Strimel, Head Coach, Haddon Township High School