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I'm Lying

Updated: Apr 10

If you asked me what I do, I might say this one thing, or that one thing. But honestly--I'm lying...

The truth is, I do/have done a lot of different things. That's why I get to be a valuable resource to the people that I work with--student-athletes, post-collegiate elites, and the everyday fitness warrior. Each one thing has woven into the next so that I have arrived in great shape to be who I am today. In the words of Snoop Doggy Dog, "it's all good."

"What do you do," used to be an easy question to answer--"I'm a runner, a coach, a massage therapist, a teacher in Honduras." But truthfully, I'm about 20 or 30 different things right now as a mental performance coach, and I bring that to the table everyday to inspire myself and others.

Most days I work on a bunch of objectives from home, to community, to business, and tap into these three wellsprings:

1) What I'm good at,

2) What I enjoy, and...

3) What makes me better to do what I have been called to do.

It's your fuel.

Never forget your fuel. It's not always just your sport. It's also THE OTHER STUFF that makes you the complex, interesting spark of light in this universe that you are. When my tank is low, or when I'm inspired, poetry is a grounding touchstone, and it inspires the rest of my life.

When I connect to what I enjoy, I feel powerful. What's your thing or things? Have you neglected them? Check in with yourself.

For the past 20+ years I have instructed at summer running camps with also the honorary title of camp Poet-in-Residence. Here's the latest penning.

Gather, stay safe

Gather, stay safe, run easy and slow. Follow the river though she’s secret and low.

Green hits the eyes with a riot of sound, some trees standing up, and some laying down.

We learn first by going where we do not know. Gather, stay safe, run easy and slow.

Here work your plow, and here sink your hoe. Sweet air, cicada, run easy and slow.

Took us so long to get here but we’re closer to home, gather, stay safe, run easy and slow.

Birds bless the dawn with cantations so sweet, gather, run strong, wear the dust on your feet.

Meg Waldron Camp River Runners, WVa, August 2020

Meg Waldron has her Masters in Sport Psychology and works with athletes to help them recover joy in success in sport. A long-time sport coach, Meg was a high school All-American track athlete and competed full scholarship in college. She brings 14 years of school teaching to her work.

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