One-On-One / Workshops / Speaking

I have worked with clients/presented at: NJ*NY Track Club, Hudson Elite, Princeton University, The Endurance Sports Summit, Villanova Day of Distance, and various training camps. 


"Meg always seems to ask the questions that best prod me to effectively reflect on my own mental barriers to performance, which is the best place to start real progress."                

 H.L., Division 1 All-American and Elite Post-Collegiate Runner

Packages available: On-site or videochat with follow-up emails and texts per session and support materials to fuel your development.

Your journey begins with a free consultation...

My sessions are thorough, clarifying, and efficient. I draw from all aspects of my life and research to help you tap into your wisdom. We do our sessions by videochat, and then I follow up with an email, and you will have clarity, new tools, and a "mental skill workout" to do before our next session.

In our sessions, you will...

  • Clarify your strengths. This helps empower you to navigate challenges as they arise. 
  • Learn about positive psychology to help you broaden your perspective. When we are feeling open and positive, we see more solutions and are empowered to make them work. 
  • Optimize your self-talk to ensure that your inner voice is fueling your performance and not hindering it.
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to manage anxiety and maintain focus, such as centering, breathwork, and the use of a mantra.
  • Learn the power of guided visualization and cue words for mental rehearsal


After taking Meg's workshop...

"I've been a lot more comfortable on the team and emotionally." 

"I haven't let myself get upset about pieces that didn't go the way I wanted them to. I feel more at ease when I'm at practice or when I'm preparing for/reflecting on my practice."

  • On-site whole team or small group mental performance workshops
  • Workshop for coaches or parents
  • Half and full day format customized to your needs  
    • athlete self-talk
    • mindfulness
    • team cohesion
    • leadership
    • anxiety management
    • body image/body appreciation
  • Full season package - includes workshops, practice/competition observations, individual sessions, coach follow-up

Beliefs create a team's culture. The goal of the workshop program is to to use fun activities to educate and train participants in performance enhancement techniques that foster their full development as individuals and team members. The program integrates key mental skills around a unifying understanding of positive psychology and mindset.  These playful, interactive and experiential workshops support teams and clubs no matter where they are in their development. Areas of focus are self-talk, growth mindset, anxiety management, and mindfulness, and are dropped into activities where you play, share in small groups and large, write, and reflect. 



  • Wellesley College
  • The National Endurance Summit
  • Villanova Day of Distance
  • Nike Running Camps

I've presented on topics such as mindfulness & anxiety management, self-talk, and goal-setting. I also love sharing my story and philosophy if it can help people live better lives. I grew up in a family of 11 and came of age in the decades following Title IX as a national age group track champion (under the tutelage of Mark Wetmore), and was picked one of NJ's top female athletes of the 20th century.  In my youth I was a high school track All-American and set the fastest time in Penn Relays history for a girls high school 800m split. I ran Div 1 track in college and then trained post-collegiately for the Olympic Trials marathon. A fun fact is that I used to live in Honduras and helped run the Olympic torch down the Pan-American Highway. As a long-time competitive runner, running coach, massage therapist, and teacher, I have worked with youth and collegiate teams through the:

  • U.S. Olympic Development Program
  • Nike Grassroots
  • Princeton University
  • Stanford University
  • LaSalle University